Sustainable planting design

A Country garden 


It was a blank slate. A Soldier's Settlement block with a scoria front yard devoid of plant life except for two established River Red Gum trees. The garden evolved organically over time using the slow gardening method without heavy construction or poison used to experiment with plants and to grow fruit and vegetables

The front of the property employed the design principals of ‘Mass and Void’ whilst using plant material which required a high tolerance to drought and flood. The plant palette consists of exotic and native plant material



Experimenting with planting combinations, using both native and exotic plant material to respond to the surrounding environment

We created a habitat for native animals and insects including:
Native Blue Banded Bees, Koalas visit our garden, Superb Fairy-wrens nest, Lizards scuttle around


We grow vegetables with a Mediterranean themed planting style, love to cook with seasonal organic vegetables, buy heirloom seeds and have learnt to grow most of our own seedlings, compost all our food and green waste on-site, and harvest seeds for next years’ crops